Baywatch Resort

Family owned beach side resort run by a family for family and friends.

Endless Possibilities Await

Topaz, A Boutique Retreat

Discover a sanctuary where the extraordinary happens every day, and where every corner holds a new adventure. At Baywatch we believe in creating not just holidays, but memories that last a lifetime. From the thrill of sunrise beach yoga to the charm of sunset dinners by the sea, every experience is crafted with care, ensuring endless possibilities for joy, relaxation, and discovery.

Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape, a family adventure, or a corporate retreat that breaks the mold, our family-run resort blends 5-star service with 4-star pricing to make your dream getaway a reality.

Dive into a world where each day brings something new to explore, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of Sernabatim Beach. Your story of unforgettable moments starts here.


A Sanctuary of Comfort and Style

Step into a world where comfort meets elegance, and every room tells a story of luxury and serenity. At Baywatch Resort, our accommodations are thoughtfully designed to offer you a perfect retreat after a day full of adventures and cherished moments. With six distinct room categories to choose from, each offering a unique blend of style, comfort, and breathtaking views, we ensure an exquisite stay experience tailored to your preferences

Restaurants & Bar

Where Culinary Art Meets Wellness

At Baywatch, we believe dining should be a holistic experience. From Pam’s Multicuisine Restaurant to our Seasonal Poolside Grill and Harry’s Bar, every meal is crafted with care. Our diverse venues offer detailed nutritional information and “EatWell” markers, guiding you toward wellness goals. Enjoy fresh ingredients, mindful eating, and educational workshops led by nutritionists. With 24-Hour Room Service, every bite brings you closer to better health. Join us for a culinary journey where every ingredient tells a story, only at Baywatch

Meetings & Events

Where Ideas Flow as Freely as the Ocean

Transform your next event at Baywatch Resort  . With 18 versatile venues accommodating up to 1500 guests, we offer unparalleled flexibility. From expansive indoor rooms for 450 attendees to enchanting beach lawns for 400, each space is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. Whether it’s a corporate conference, workshop, or product launch, our dedicated team ensures your event is nothing short of spectacular, making Baywatch the premier destination for excellence

Occasions & Celebrations

Endless options

Every moment is a celebration at Baywatch and out sister Property Topaz. From weddings to birthdays, our resorts offers bespoke experiences against the backdrop of Sernabatim Beach. Enjoy culinary delights, wellness packages, and expert event planning for unique and memorable celebrations. With versatile indoor and outdoor venues, let Baywatch and Topaz be where your special moments become cherished memories.

Wellness & Spa

A Sanctuary for the Senses and the Soul

At Baywatch Resort, our Wellness and Spa is a sanctuary where tranquility meets transformation. Specializing in curated Wellness Packages, we address unique health goals from Detox to Fertility Enhancement. Our holistic approach blends ancient wisdom and modern science for balance of mind, body, and spirit. Let our experts guide you on a personalized path to wellness with therapeutic treatments and lifestyle workshops. Welcome to a place dedicated to your well-being.

Offers & Packages

Curated Experiences for Every Occasion

Explore curated Packages and Offers at Baywatch Resort, designed for every occasion and desire. From romantic getaways to wellness stays, family breaks, and more, our bespoke packages offer unforgettable experiences. Each package blends luxurious accommodations, exquisite dining, and unique activities for memorable escapes. Discover the perfect package for your dream getaway

Unrivaled Facilities

Your Gateway to Relaxation and Adventure

At Baywatch Resort, every detail is crafted to ensure your stay transcends the ordinary. Nestled in the heart of Sernabatim Beach, our facilities are gateways to bliss, adventure, and well-being. From serene relaxation by the pool to invigorating workouts and daily yoga sessions, our resort caters to every desire. Families, couples, and solo travelers alike will find spaces that resonate with their personal journey, from children’s play areas to our private beach. Discover a place where every need is met with a smile and every activity brings a new story.


Where Dreams Come True

At Baywatch Resort, we believe in making your wedding day as unique as your love story. With venues accommodating intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, our resort offers stunning settings including Beach Lawns, The Beach, Pagoda, Deck, and poolside. Our dedicated team brings your vision to life with all-inclusive or customizable packages. Let Baywatch Resort be the place where your wedding dreams become reality.

Offers & Packages

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The Family Suite

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